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Barking Bouys
A Memoir About The Dogs Who Pulled Me Up for Air

A book about the extraordinary power of dog love, Barking Buoys may be the most unique love story ever written. Betrayed by four of the most important adults in her life, Talyah is brainwashed to believe she is the “family problem”. Knowing her parents are respected teachers in their small town, Talyah has no one to whom to turn for help. Repeatedly blaming her for their dysfunctional family, her parents continually scapegoat her as the cause of the family drama. Threatening and beating her into silence, they demand she keep the family secrets. Abandoned to endure an unimaginably lonely and frightening world, Talyah’s only safe source of solace is the faithful affection from her little dog. The pattern repeats itself for more than 40 years. The love she shares with her dogs throughout her life sustains her in the face of otherwise insurmountable odds. Talyah’s attachments to her canine companions reveal the remarkable transformational power of love. Not just another story about child abuse and far from another story about “just a dog”, Barking Buoys emphasizes the phenomenal untapped power in the human-dog relationship. Inspirationally heart-warming, this true story testifies to love that is both endearing and enduring—and powerful enough to turn tragedy into triumph.


As heart-breaking as it is heart-warming, Barking Buoys will take you on an unforgettably staggering journey of endurance and hope.

Barking Buoys, A Memoir about the dogs that pulled me up for air.

Barking Buoys

A Memoir About The Dogs That Pulled Me Up for Air
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